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Austin, Texas is a beautiful place to live. The same charm, allure and weirdness that make it a great place to be are also what make it a competitive market for office space. When it’s time to find a new commercial office space, potential clients often wonder whether they should use a tenant representation broker.

While it may be tempting to go-it-alone, here are some of the ways a tenant representation broker could save you money during your real estate lease transaction:

How Tenant Representatives Save You Money

Find You the Best Location

Tenant reps are dedicated to finding the best possible space for your needs and your budget. We’ll create a customized search for your needs in terms of things like:

  • Demographics
  • Features
  • Co-tenants
  • Amenities
  • Parking
  • Visibility/foot traffic
  • Accessibility

We’ll then try to find the ideal space to help make your business more successful.

Give You Access to More Properties

With a tenant broker you have access to more properties thanks to a few advantages:

Most complete picture of what’s available. Tenant reps may know about off-market listings, which can make negotiations easier. They also pay for industry databases in order to have access to the most up-to-date listings.

Industry contacts. Tenant Reps already have professional contacts in the market. Landlords and brokers build up trusted relationships over time, and those relationships can be invaluable to you.

The more properties we can look at, the better chance we have to find you the best location.

Get You the Best Terms

The brokers at Tower Commercial have handled hundreds of lease renewal deals. And in the process, we’ve learned how to give you an advantage at the negotiating table. Tenant representatives use detailed market information like trends and comparable rental rates to help you get the best deal.

Help You Make the Best Long-Term Decision

You know you need a new space or are moving because your current needs aren’t being met. But have you thought about other long-term questions?

  • What is your company’s projected growth?
  • Is your workforce moving towards an open plan or co-working?
  • Is purchasing a better option long-term?

A tenant representative will work to get you a great deal in a space you love. They are also there to make sure the space you want is actually the space you NEED.

Save You Time

Part of the job of a tenant representative is doing the legwork. They will find acceptable properties, weed out unacceptable ones, and make calls to landlords. When you have the work done for you, it allows you more time focus on your business.

Lease Terms Decoded

We also handle all the complicated legal details, so you don’t have to. A real estate transaction is complex and there is a lot at stake.

A tenant rep can explain everything in plain language so that you can clearly understand your deal. If you’re knowledgeable about the lease terms, you can communicate more effectively with the landlord down the line.

No Charge for Our Service 

Tenant reps do not charge a fee to tenants for their services. We don’t get paid until you find a great deal, so you can be assured your agent will work hard to make sure you’re satisfied with your real estate transaction.