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Commercial Real Estate can be complex, nuanced and time consuming to the industry professionals who are daily in the field. This is particularly true for individuals in the marketplace on a less frequent basis on behalf of their company. Done well, real estate solutions require a major investment of time on a solid foundation of real estate knowledge and experience and with thoughtful and skilled negotiation. We serve our clients by applying our experiences and skills for your benefit. We save you time and money by helping you define and meet your strategic goals with an eye on minimizing your marketplace risk.

At Tower, our focus is on representing the business owner or investor with their commercial real estate needs. For a Tenant looking for lease space, whether its office, industrial or retail space, we exclusively represent them. We do not represent institutional landlords. That would create a conflict of interest we want to avoid. For businesses or investors looking to acquire commercial real estate, our combined 100 plus years of experience and deep knowledge of the Austin and surrounding areas provides our clients with a unique advantage and peace of mind that every move we make is looking out for their best interest.  

We ask questions; We listen; We ask more questions; We Serve.

Our service specialties include:

Strategic Analysis
  • Goals and objectives
  • Space requirements based current and future needs
  • Rental budget
  • Geographic boundaries
  • Amenities desired
  • Image desired
  • Security desired in a building
  • Project timeline
  • Technical requirements
  • Current building situation
Market Concentration
  • Research all available marketplace real estate solutions
  • Identify assets compatible will client’s needs
  • Create detailed solution parameters
  • Present qualitative analytics for client’s site and asset nuances
  • Short-list potential assets and analyze best negotiation pathway
  • Tour selected sites
Planning and Analysis
  • Create and issue client customized Request For Proposals (RFP) of selected sites
  • Prepare comprehensive financial analysis
  • Compose facility space plan/site plan for each site
  • Compute site-specific qualitative analytics
  • Compare efficiencies, amenities, strengths and weaknesses
  • Review preliminary asset construction economics versus budget and allowances for overall economics
Lease Negotiations and Advisory
  • Create a competitive bidding environment
  • Prepare client approved counter proposals
  • Assist in lease negotiations with client’s attorney
  • Devil is in the details – ensure final lease document is correct
  • Monitor build out of space
  • On call to answer any questions that may arise

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