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6 Tips for Updating Your Company’s Environment

Gone are the days of cubicles and quickly thrown together work environments. The millennial mindset and startup culture have trickled into every industry and reshaped our entire approach to office space. As the demand for ultra modern, creative office space continues to grow, companies have a major opportunity to evolve and grow with the times. As least, they should if they want to attract (or keep) top talent.

Take a good, honest look at your current office space. Are your surroundings open and comfortable? Do they inspire your employees? Or are your people stuffed into a windowless dungeon and fighting over sparse resources? Whether you realize it or not, the design and layout of an office space can make or break productivity. Make sure your workplace creates a positive effect.

Your Attitude is Your Altitude

We spend more waking hours in our workplaces than anywhere else. Make it a place people enjoy coming to and you’ll have happy, productive employees. People want to work someplace they can feel proud of. Make your office open, bright, and positive and your employees will be more likely to feel that way! Think how much a gray rainy day can affect your mood, and then apply that thinking to your office space design.

Collaboration is Key

And your office layout should reflect that. An open environment that provides opportunities for different teams to get to know each other is critical for information sharing. The more connected your team is, the better they work together, and the more likely they are to ask questions and help each other out. Make sure you provide opportunities for accounting to interact with training and sales, and so on.

Provide Private Spaces for “In the Zone” Work

Open layouts are dominating the workplace, as they are great for collaboration, aesthetics, and feel. However, there should also be some spaces dedicated to quiet work. Include private areas for employees to make Skype calls, client calls, conference calls, or just to escape the chatter of the office and get some serious work done before a deadline. Depending on the size of your team, we suggest at least 1 – 2 larger conference rooms, and a few smaller rooms for private work or smaller departmental meetings.

Your Office Space Should Reflect the Culture

And core values of your company. This is about more than just splashing your logo on the wall. It’s about understanding who you are as a company, and what your employees want and need. For example, a wellness company might consider an active area or organic juice bar. A restaurant chain’s corporate HQ may want to tie in elements of the restaurant’s décor and product offerings to create a connection to their in-store teams.

It’s The Little Things

Extra amenities like a kitchen or at least a small refrigerator and coffee/tea station can make life a lot easier for your people. The more appreciated and taken care of your employees feel, the more they will give. Consider providing a chill-out space for breaks with comfy chairs, a relaxing garden, or outdoor area. These little things can make a big difference!

Make Your Space a Selling Point

Smart companies understand that workspaces are more than a place to get work done, they are also a marketing tool. These days the best candidates are not only seeking a challenge, a career-advancement opportunity, and a good culture fit – they are also considering the physical office space when comparing possible new employers. Create a buzz-worthy workplace, and you may find it easier to attract top recruits.

Your company’s success comes down to your employees. Take a lesson from the startups and consider what you might add that expresses who you are, where you’re going, and that might enhance the appeal and comfort of your space. Think of the work place you provide as an investment rather than a cost, and your top talent will thank you!

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